Halogen-Free Anti-static products


This product is a moisture-absorbing, halogen-free antistatic agent. Suitable for PET ...


Typical Properties :

WLE-X6 this product is a moisture-absorbing, halogen-free antistatic agent, which is applied to various types of plastic products. It has excellent antistatic resistance and can maintain the contact surface of coated products. With a considerable degree of dryness, the product is currently used in the coating of sheet and films of various plastic materials.

Description :

  1. Main ingredient: Alkane cationic surfactant
  2. Exterior: Yellowish transparent liquid
  3. pH: 7.5 ± 1
  4. solid content: 15 ± 1 %

Performance Feature :

  1. Can be diluted with alcohol,The recommended ratio is 1:5
  2. It can reduce the surface resistance of the product to e9~e10 (the impedance value changes according to the change of humidity environment)

Packing :
Net weight 50 KG, PE barrels, please seal after use, place in a cool place, stability for about 12 months.

Application :

Processable glass,PET, PP,CPP substrate
Suggested conditions

Coating 2μm, 60°C/1 mins
Testing antistatic machine:

Substrate Dilution ratio humidity Coating(10V)  Coating (100V)
PET molding  1:5 RH55% e8~e9 e8