Food grade anti-fogging agent


FX-49(H) is a food-grade product that meets US FDA standards. Can be used for food pac...


Typical Properties :

FX-49(H) is a food grade product that meets US FDA standards. Can be used for food packaging materials, but the manufacturer should directly do the relevant certification. This product is applied to coated anti-fogging agents on film and film of various plastic materials. This product has the effect of having hot steam and refrigerating anti-fog effect when used in food packaging materials. And in the 5~6 times the rear section stretching process still has ideal anti-fog property. The product still maintains a considerable degree of dryness on the coated contact surface.

Description :

  1. Main ingredient : Reaction product of fatty acid liver oil ester and silicone
  2. Exterior : Colorless transparent liquid
  3. Category : Food grade anti-fogging agent
  4. PH value : 7 ± 1 %
  5. Solid content : 40 ± 2 %

Performance Feature :

  1. Can be diluted with water
  2. Using half of water and half of alcohol as the diluent can eliminate the problem of diluent foaming
  3. According to the dilution ratio, the anti-fog effect is different; the recommended ratio is 1:5
  4. After drying, the product is transparent, colorless and leaves no traces.
  5. Used in  refrigeration and  hot steam anti-fog test.

Packing : 
Net weight 30 KG, PE barrels, please seal after use, place in a cool place, stability for about 12 months.

Application :

Can be applied to substrates such as PET, PP, PLA sheets and films

Suggested conditions:

Substrate Dilution ratio thickness Drying conditions Anti-fog effect (forming 4cm 180±5℃)
PP sheet  1:5 2μm 60℃/1min

More than 5 minutes;Water temperature:80℃