Since its establishment in 2000, LIUH YEN has focused on the production and development of antistatic products. In recent years, products have been classified into liquid and masterbatch-added products with the needs of customer applications. Liquid type products have developed antistatic agents that meet environmental protection standards, slip agents for food packaging, antifogging agents, and water repellents for textile leathers; masterbatch-added products are masterbatch for increasing the functionality of various plastics. At present, it has expanded and integrated the diversification of the industry with various industries.

The company emphasizes customized R&D and production, and specializes in the antistatic properties of customers' products, and makes the most suitable antistatic materials and cost-effective additives to enhance the competitiveness of customers' products. Among them, antistatic agents are developed for the halogen-free and sulfur-free market, and are all RoHS compliant. They can be applied to PP and PE materials, and have the characteristics and transparency that do not affect the sealing and low-humidity antistatic stability. The company also develops a special antistatic agent for carrier tape. The carrier tape substrate will not affect the adhesion due to materials such as polyurethane, acrylic, rubber, etc., and the oily antistatic agent with added resin can be used by customers. The future will focus on the development and testing of solvent-free products.

In the development of additives for the food industry, we also provide SGS FDA-approved lubricants and anti-fogging agents, which can be coated on PET, PP, PE to facilitate customer selection. In response to the SILICONE (silicon) slip agent function, the company offers non-SILICONE (silicon) slip agents to increase customer selectivity. In the anti-fogging industry, the company provides products with different anti-fog effects for different materials such as glass, polar (PET) and non-polar (PP). Antifogging agents used in building materials will be developed in the future.

The fluorine-free oil-repellent agent in the textile and leather market is one of the company's competitive and representative products. The company has products for oil-based solvents. The company is also actively developing fluorine-free water with less environmental pollution. Water repellent to increase customer's choice; in the future will continue to improve the brushless and water-repellent properties of fluorine-free water-based water repellent.

The company also focuses on the development of masterbatch-added products. Currently, there are different types of carriers such as PET, PC, PS, PC, PE, etc.; and functional antistatic masterbatch, among which antistatic pellets PET- H810 has been sold worldwide for decades. In the future, it will introduce high-slip high-permeability lubricant masterbatch and anti-fogging masterbatch for PP coating. It is also expected to develop mold proof in the future according to market demand. Antibacterial masterbatch is available for customers to choose.

After 2019, the company will work together with customers to develop high-end auxiliaries to increase the functionality and applicability of the products to enhance the customer's market occupancy and price competitiveness, and hope to meet the needs of more customers and achieve common results situation.