Anti-fogging agent for glass


GA-81 is a general anti-fogging agent, which is applied to various types of glass prod...


Typical Properties :

GA-81 is a general anti-fogging agent. Soaking anti-fogging agent applied to various glass products. This product features thermal vapor and refrigeration anti-fog effect on glass. Also, a considerable degree of dryness can be maintained at the contact surface of the coated product.

Description :

  1. Main ingredient: Acrylic polymer
  2. Exterior:  White liquid
  3. pH: 7 ± 1
  4. solid content: 30 ± 1 %

Performance Feature :

  1. Can be diluted with water and alcohol solvent
  2. According to the dilution ratio, the anti-fog effect is different; the recommended dilution ratio is 1:5 
  3. After drying, the product is transparent, colorless and leaves no traces.
  4. 5 times diluted,after soaking the glass, Heat-resistant steam > 60 seconds

Packing : 
Net weight 30 KG, PE barrels, please seal after use, place in a cool place, stability for about 12 months.

Application :

Glass substrate can be applied

Suggested conditions

Substrate Dilution ratio thickness Drying conditions Anti-fog effect
PET Film  1:5 2μm 60℃/3min

5min or more

(water temperature:80℃)